This can be made with a variety of carbohydrate bases - the important ingredients for flavour are the spring onions and the soy sauce!

  • Low-fat egg noodles
  • Soy sauce
  • Mixed salad
  • Griddled plain turkey breast (with hot paprika)
  • Two turkey 'bacon' rashers


  • 1 Cook the low-fat egg noodles as per instructions
  • 2 Griddle turkey rashers and the turkey breast with seasoning of choice
  • 3 Chop lettuce, spring onion, cucumber and red pepper
  • 4 Put noodles in a suitable container
  • 5 Douse with soy sauce to taste
  • 6 Add the mixed salad
  • 7 Cut the turkey and turkey rashers into pieces and add to container

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