FCS Awareness Day

Friday 3rd November 2023

Take the FCS 10g Fat Challenge

The first Friday of November is FCS Awareness Day.  This year we’re delighted to be working in partnership with FH Europe Foundation to raise awareness of the condition, and to amplify the under-estimated impact it has on the lives of patients and those around them.

Will you take the FCS 10g Fat Challenge?

People with FCS are recommended to eat less than 20g fat per day (all types of fat), reduce added sugars, and to avoid alcohol.  Many people with the condition find that 10g fat is the better target to try to reduce episodes of severe abdominal pain, and potentially life-threatening pancreatitis, the major symptoms of the disease.

On Friday November 3rd we’re calling on you to eat just 10g fat for the day to learn more about FCS and appreciate the daily challenges faced by patients in the attempt to manage their disease. ‘Fat’ for people with FCS means all types of fat.  Fat from oil, and from the foods from which the oils are derived – for example nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut, and olives; animal fats, so most meats unless great care is taken about how lean it is and any visible fat is removed.  It can often be difficult to judge how much fat is in meat; fat from dairy, fat-free or low-fat are suitable but often contains high levels of added sugar; and no fat from egg yolks.

You can read more about the condition by exploring this website, and on https://fhef.org/news/

Share your experiences on social media to help raise awareness

Record your experiences with a video or photo diary and share on social media tagging @actionfcs and @fhef #FCSAwareness2023 #FCS10gFatChallenge We have a sheet of tips to help you to do this.

Nominate others to do the challenge

Send your photo to us to be put into a frame for you to share on your social media.  We can also send you a template of a suggested email to help you to nominate others – contact Jill at Action FCS

action challenge

Resources to help you through the day

Click through the following tabs for resources to help

We hope you have fun doing the challenge and enjoy helping us to raise awareness!

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