Take the FCS 10g Fat Challenge

Friday 6th November 2020

People with FCS are recommeded to eat less between 10g-15g fat per day, restrict added sugar and drink no alcohol. Many aim to restrict to 10g or less to try to minimise their symptoms.  This is difficult to do and can be socially isolating.  It makes being away from home tricky, and impacts on both the person with FCS, and all those around them.

Every year on FCS Awareness day, we ask people to take the 10g challenge to get a 'taste' of what it's like to be this restricted in what you can eat and drink - something that those with FCS have to negotiate every day of their lives.

Can you do this?  Take the FCS 10g Fat Challenge and find out!

For support, please read our page Living with FCS which has resources including a handy Dietary Guidance for FCS.

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